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Detailed PTE Exam Pattern - Academic 2017

This post will cover PTE Academic exam pattern 2017 in a detailed manner. PTE, otherwise called Pearson Test of English Academic is an international computer based English language test. The detailed pattern of PTE Academic 2017 shared below will help you understand the format and time allotment to each section and hence you can start preparing to keep in view the actual test and decide which task you need to focus on more. PTE has gained popularity in recent years for other English capability tests like IELTS and TOEFL. The individuals looking to move to Australia for pursuing higher education or for seeking PR prefer PTE Academic now, owing to the intriguing exam pattern. The exam is widely accepted in USA, AUSTRALIA, CANADA, NZ. Detailed PTE Exam Pattern - Academic 2017 PTE Academic test is a single test of approx 3 hours with an optional break of 10 minutes. The exam contains 20 task types divided into 3 main parts: PART 1: Speaking & Writing PART 2: Reading P
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PTE Listening - Retell Lecture Practice Questions - Audio with Transcript

You will hear a lecture. After listening to the lecture, in 10 seconds, please speak into the microphone and retell what you have just heard from the lecture in your own words. You will have 40 seconds to give your response. PTE Listening - Retell Lecture Practice Questions - Audio with Transcript ITEM 01: PTE Retell Lecture - The Pigeonhole Principle TRANSCRIPT: In mathematics, the pigeonhole principle states that if n items are put into m containers, with n > m > 0, then at least one container must contain more than one item. This theorem is exemplified in real life by truisms like "there must be at least two left gloves or two right gloves in a group of three gloves". It is an example of a counting argument, and despite seeming intuitive it can be used to demonstrate possibly unexpected results; for example, that two people in London have the same number of hairs on their heads. The first formalization of the idea is believed to have been m

PTE Listening: Summarize Spoken Text Real Exam Questions 2017 [SOLVED]

Hello Guys, Here we're giving PTE Listening "Summarize Spoken Text" recent exam questions and topics with the summaries. These questions and solved summaries are shared by students who appeared for the PTE Academic exam in 2017. In the actual PTE Academic exam, You will get 2-3 'summarize spoken text' tasks. You will hear a short lecture, and you are required to write a 50-70 word summary to one of your fellow students who missed it. You will have 10 min to do this task. PTE Listening: Summarize Spoken Text Real Exam Questions 2017 [SOLVED SUMMARY] Monkey Theorem The talk is about how long it takes for a monkey to write the six letter word 'Monkey'. It is by using the latest computer software that now monkeys can write the word with in a day or so, whereas with the use of conventional typewriters it took nearly a decade to perform the same task. Hence, the aforementioned study shows the successful implementation of compute

PTE (Writing) Essay Script with Model Essays [DECODED]

Generally, in "Essay - Writing" section of PTE Academic Exam, the students are asked to write about the topic mainly categorized into 3 types. And to score well in PTE Essay section, you need to be well versed with ready made formats or scripts. It saves you a lot of time in the real exam. So find scripts of all 3 types of questions below: TYPE 1 In this type of essay writing, you are asked whether you are "Agree" or "Disagree" with the statement. Look at the following topic: Is it necessary to make English language globalization? Do you agree or disagree? INTRODUCTION Firstly, introduce the topic of the essay by outlining the matter? Give its relevant points. The English language is fastly becoming a global language. With globalization, people travel even more and need to converse with people from other linguistic backgrounds has been increased and English has the potential to grow into a more commonly accepted international lingua franca

24 July PTE Exam Memories - Real Test Questions & Topics

Hi Guys, I am in constant touch with students preparing for PTE | IELTS | TOEFL | OET . So here one of my friends shared his exam memories. He appeared for the PTE Academic exam on 24th July 2017. Do share the post if you find it helpful and if you have recently appeared for PTE exam, do share your PTE exam questions and topics. It will be of great help to PTE exam takers. Find PTE real exam questions and topics for 24th July below: Essay Writing: Law changes human behavior Retell Lecture: Globalization Development of Genes Multiple Choice (Reading): Women during middle ages getting empowerment and less early marriages Write Summary: NSW police in schools Less turnout during last UK elections Single Choice (Reading): Difference between symphony and theater Fill in the Blanks: Increasing price of onions Write from Dictation: There is not enough evidence to support these recommendations. Your thesis must have a fairly limited